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Addwigs Hair Quality

Step Inside Our Factory

Here at Addwigs, we firmly believe in providing excellent service, the highest quality products and complete transparency. We would like to invite you to find more more about the way in which we make our products so that you can see how much we care for the environment and for the community.



Choosing the Hair

Finding the right hair is essential to the quality of our products. We source only the finest quality hair from different areas, taking it directly from the woman's head and tying it in different lengths into a single piece. Hair of different lengths is sorted, separated and then sold at a range of prices. Mostly, we source our hair from rural China, South East Asia and Indian temples.

Arranging the Hair

When arranging the hair, its thickness will be determined by the maintenance and style of the donor. With some women preferring to wear their hair long, and others having a mix of short and long hair, correct arrangement is essential to ensure an even distribution.

Washing the Hair

Once the hair has been arranged, it is soaked in a detergent and conditioning solution in order to ensure that all oil, dust and dirt has been removed. Usually, we also soak the hair in oil as this gives it extra weight. We then wash th

Drying the Hair

Natural sunlight is key to drying the hair properly. We allow the washed hair to dry in the sun for a number of hours until it becomes soft. We avoid using a heater to dry hair as it results in an unwanted odor on the hair. Although drying naturally in the sun results in a weight loss of up to 15% after washing, we find that after it has been properly dried in this manner the texture of the hair can be easily identified.

Hackling the Hair

Once the hair has been washed and dried, it undergoes the process of hackling. As part of this process, we arrange the hair according to size in an even distribution. We remove all of the short hair and this is separated for further processing. Hackling is an extremely skilled job which is carried out by highly trained professionals. Extreme care must be taken to avoid mixing up the hair ends and the roots as arranging the hairs to lie in the same direction is essential for the most natural appearance. Even the smallest mistake at this stage could produce a disastrous result.

Sorting and Trimming

The final preparation stage is sorting and trimming. These processes ensure that all of the hair matches in terms of its texture, colour and length.

Quality Control

A key element in maintaining the high standards of our product is our stringent quality control testing procedures. As part of these procedures we check the weight, length and wefts sewing as well as carrying out a washing and drying test. Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority.

Usage Details

We use strong double layers of hair wefts in order to reduce the amount of hair shed, and we seal the ends of the wefts with glue in order to reduce the amount of hair shedding even further. We are always carrying out further research into new techniques so that we can make our hair wefts last longer and look better so that we can ensure even better value for money.